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There are many ways to get your voice back. You can: * Drink hot tea with a table spoon of honey * A plain tablespoon of honey * Drink any type of hot liquid * Dont talk for a while * Eat soup

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Q: Once you've lost your voice what is a way to get it back?
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Can you get your singing voice after you've lost it?

It depends on the reason you lost your singing voice in the first place. If it is from a viral cold or sinus infection or from overusing your singing voice you will probably get it back. However, if you lose your voice from something such as cancer, you probably won't get it back.

How do you make your voice come back?

my mum lost her voice from being unwell our long in older people does it take to come back

How do you get back to singing B flatt's when you lost that singing voice?

I would advise you to either take voice lessons or find something else to do in your free time. Also, if you take voice lessons, you'd have to try really hard to get that amazing voice back.

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How do you get your high singing voice back?

Well if you lost your singing voice what you would want to do to get it back is stay 36 hours without talking or making any noise with your mouth and you will be back singing in no time. I know because this happened to me already and this is what the doctor recommended for me.

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Is it bad to speak when you have lost your voice?

Well you cant really speak when you have lost your voice, but if you try to speak it will get worse.

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