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Men do not often find other men attractive, they usually do not really care about there image. If the man who tell you are ugly, is probably jealous of all the ladies who think you are hot. Unless they are your good mates, they are just JOKING around. So do not feel offended. But... On the other hand it just could be all the women who are telling you that you are hot, are just seeking attention for s*x. They're just jealous of you. - Also, when girls are in love, they dont see the bad stuff in guys. They only see the good stuff. Even if your as ugly as a toad, if a girl likes you, you become H-O-T. lol. My advice would be to ask some girls, who you know dont like you, and see what they say.

also you should not care cuz those ugly guys r jealous of u

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Q: Ok so im a guy and im pretty hot from the feedback you get from girls they always tell you im cute or hot but if every guy you know tells you how ugly and weird looking you are why is that?
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