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There are a few reasons why you get lightheaded and feel like you're going to faint. For example, one might be diabetic and experiencing low blood sugar. If you are concerned, please contact a doctor.

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You may need Iron supplement in your diet. You should talk to a natural path.

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Q: Occasion light headedness feel like fainting?
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What does nausea feel like?

Usually, you have the feeling of dizziness and or light-headedness and the desire to throw-up.

Can singing too much cause light-headedness?

if you dont intake enough air whilst singing you might begin to feel light headed

What is light headedness?

Its when you feel about ready to faint. Usually when i feel light-headed i either need more salt in my body or i got up too fast out of bed. Its not fun believe me. haha

What would cause fainting with vomiting?

It depends if they really dont feel good or they feel light headed or something like that

You feel faint light headed most of the time and you sometimes feel dizzy and sick what could be wrong with you?

The dizziness and light headedness makes references to Vertigo but there are several different possibilities.

What does anxiety feel like?

Some general symptoms of an anxiety attack are a feeling of tightness in the throat, light headedness, dizziness, subjective trouble breathing (if you take a deep breath, you can breathe fine - no wheezing), chest tightness (sometimes mistaken for heart attack pains), and fainting. The symptoms of anxiety can be treated with medications or various relaxation techniques, but it is important to address the problem which causes you anxiety.

What do you do when you drink red grape wine to much and feel light headed?

Only the passage of time can reduce the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is the cause of the light headedness experienced after consuming too much alcohol.

Does fainting make you lose brain cells?

Fainting itself does not typically cause you to lose brain cells. Fainting is often a temporary loss of consciousness due to a decrease in blood flow to the brain, but once blood flow is restored, brain function should return to normal. Chronic conditions that lead to repeated fainting episodes could potentially impact brain health over time.

Had to fast for blood work why do i now feel sick and light headed?

One feels light-headed while fasting due to hypoglycemia; a drop in serum glucose levels, also known as low sugar. It is possible that anemia; low blood count, caused the light-headedness.

What is Mild dehydration?

It means that you feel dizzyand feel like fainting when we stand undr the sun for a long time. It basically means you're thirsty, if you are fainting than it is more than mild dehydration.

How do you stop from fainting?

there isn't really a way but you just need to take deep breathsput your head between your legs if u feel like fainting

Are dizzyness and nauseau symptoms of fainting?

Yes, dizziness and nausea are symptoms of fainting. A person would feel as though they are going to faint because there is a lack of oxygen reaching the brain.