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Good listening

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Q: Noticing nice things about people an telling them is an example of what?
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How noticing nice things about people and telling them is an exemple of?

Good communication. EASY!

What is an example of noticing nice things about people and telling them?

Self cofidence

Noticing nice things about people and telling them is an example of?

Good communication. EASY!

How are some people allergic to grasshoppers?

People are allergic to all different kinds of things, there is no real way of telling why or how, they just are. I, for example, am allergic to 14 things, some of them I developed with age, some I was born with.

What do people observe everyday without noticing?

well people normally can see things but sometimes when they get nervous they barely cant notice anything.....but when they observe things they can see what that object is

What is it called when people say things and it really happens?

telling the future

How would you tell a Emo that your emo and they didnt no that?

All you have to do is just talk to them about things you like. For example, music, hobbies, books, movies. And people can tell what you are like just by telling them that.

How did people start telling stories?

People began telling stories to try to explain things in the world around them. These would have been "cavemen" sitting around their fires at night.

How do you know that you are a really good spy?

these are the things that know that your a really good spy.first are you really quiet can you go up to people without them noticing your not afraid of the dark.

What is a word for noticing everything?

to be observant: to be hard to hide things from, to notice everything.

What is disrespecting a wife?

Talking bad about her in front of people, telling them bad things about her, taking her and what she does for granted.

How do you remove mannerisms?

Mannerisms are things people do that are involuntary and hard to control. To remove the use of mannerisms it will take great practice on the part of the person to change. An example of a mannerism might be a person winking when they are telling a lie.