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I learned this from a doctor, and they told me that it's very normal for girls because all the muscles and tissues are newly stretched and kind of getting used to it, and that can cause the sensation. It usually lasts for a week and a half afterwards, and it'll probably happen the next few times you have sex, at least until your body adapts to it. (If there's burning during urination, pain in your abdomen, or a small amount of blood plus the urge to pee, it's probably a urinary tract infection. In that case drink lots of water and cranberry juice until you can go into a doctor.)

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Q: Normal to pee a lot after losing virginity?
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Is it normal to pee a lot after taking Antibiotics for UTIs?


Is it normal to pee a lot without drinking water?

Yes, it is normal, the water is flushing out your system.

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You are taking speed / anphetine

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Yes it is

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you will pee a lot if you drink lot of water

Is it normal for a girl who recently lost her virginity to feel wet most of the time and having the feeling to use the restroom to pee a lot?

It sounds as if you have a urinary infection. When you have sex he carries bacteria and when that get into your urethra it can create a infection. It has nothing to do with virginity but can happen anytime you have sex and also when you do not have sex. It's quite common that women get UVI's. You need to leave a urin sample at the doctor and get antibiotics. If you had sex and he did not wear a condom you should be checked for SDT's as well.

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