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Zuplenz. It's a form of Zofran.

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Q: New anti nausea medicine that dissolves on tongue?
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What is the strongest anti-nausea medicine prescibed?

Zofran to name one

Does taking anti nausea medicine work if your birth control makes you sick?

Anti nausea medicine can be helpful for nausea from birth control. This side effect gets better with time. But if it's so severe that you need medication, please call your health care provider about a possible change of pills.

How can you alleviate nausea while taking Vicodin?

Answer#1If you are getting headache AND nausea from Percocet, the dose is likely too high. Reduce the dose.

Is zofran a painkiller?

No, it's an anti-emetic(anti-nausea) medication

Can you get sick after having your wisdoms pulled?

Yes, you can get sick after the extraction. An oral surgeon may be able to give you anti-nausea medicine and extra fluids before you leave the office to combat this issue.

What drugs can help prevent nausea during chemotherapy?

Anti-emetic drugs help to lessen feelings of nausea. Two anti-nausea medications that may be used are Kytril and Zofran.

What cause your tongue to be coated in a white fungi been on medicine to treat it but nothing is working... the Doctor can't tell me what is causing this.... Can anyone help me?

When your tongue is coated in a white fungal substance, that is known as thrush. Thrush can be caused by antibiotic usage and is treated with anti fungals.

What does promethazine sell for?

Not much. It's a generic anti-nausea drug.

Are there medicines to stop a person from vomiting?

Maxolon. I was prescribed this a month ago, and apparently it's one of the only safe anti-nausea drugs during pregnancy.

What are the medicinal actions of nutmeg?

Sedative, anti-inflammatory, prevents nausea and vomiting.

Is abilify an anti psychotic medicine?

Yes, Abilify is an anti-psychotic medication.

What does Claritan do?

The prescription medicine Claritan is an anti allergy medicine. Claritan is used to keep allergies at bay and allow for a normal life. Claritan is a non-drowsy anti allergy medicine.