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1. Someone you know but not really a friend 2. Someone you talk to at the workplace but don't do anything with outside of work. 3. Some one you don't know to much about but you can identify them.

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Q: Name three characteristics of an Acquaintance?
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Where are the syllables in acquaintance?

There are three syllables. Ac-quain-tance.

How many types of friendships are there?

there are three types of friendships. acquaintance, friend, best friend, and boy or girl friend there are three types of friendships. acquaintance, friend, best friend, and boy or girl friend

What is a name for a friend?

Pal, chum, acquaintance, mate, buddy....

What part of speech is acquaintance?

This word is a noun-- the name of something or someone. The plural is acquaintances. Sometimes it's an abstract and sometimes tangible. Examples: "I do not have the pleasure of her acquaintance" (abstract); "Let me introduce to you my acquaintance, Mr. Rumpelstiltskin" (tangible).

How do you spell aquaintence?

The correct spelling is acquaintance (someone you know casually).

Meaning of nature of acquaintance?

There are many different meanings of the nature of acquaintance. An acquaintance is a person that you deal with regularly.

Blutooth characteristics name 3?

Three characteristics of Bluetooth are wireless connectivity, was standardized as IEEE 802.15.1, and allows you to create personal area networks.

How do you use acquaintance as noun?

The note is from an acquaintance in my neighborhood.

Is acquaintance a verb a noun or an adjective?

Acquaintance is a noun.

How do people know your name?

By telling them what your name is. Or they might get your name from a close acquaintance. Possibly they can just read your name tag if you are wearing one!

How can I use a sentence with acquaintance in it?

I don't know her well, she's just an acquaintance. He recognized her as an acquaintance from his apartment building.

Is acquaintance a verb or adverb?

Acquaintance is nor verb or adverb, it's a noun.