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Q: Name the process by which oxygen moves across the wall of the alveolus?
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What transports oxygen and carbon dioxide across the capillary membrane?

Concentration gradient moves oxygen and carbon dioxide across the alveolar membrane. Blood that enters the alveolus has a higher concentration of carbon dioxide compared to the air in our lungs; so the carbon dioxide literally falls out of the blood and into the air. Blood that enters the alveolus has a lower concentration of oxygen than the air in our lungs, so the oxygen falls into solution with our blood and is carried back to the heart for distribution to our bodies. This process is passive, meaning that no energy is required for the gasses to move. They are merely seeking to equalize their own concentrations across a semi-permeable membrane. This passive diffusion drives many processes in our bodies.

What are the passive process that moves substances across membranes?

Diffusion ,osmosis

How does oxygen moves from the respiratory system to the circulatory system?

by diffusion across a capillary wall

A non-energy requiring process that moves materials across a cell membrane with the concentration gradient.?

The process of moving materials across the cell membrane without the expenditure of energy is called passive transfer

What is the function of surfactant?

prevent each alveolus from collapsing as air moves in and out during respiration

What moves particles like oxygen into cells?

Oxygen diffuses directly across the cell membrane and requires nothing to carry it.

What is the name of the process when oxygen moves out of cells?

you call ioygen entering the blood stream

What substance undergoes osmosis?

Water moves across the cell membrane through the process of osmosis.

Which process moves an ion across a cell membrane against a concentration gradient?

ative transport

What is the process which water moves across the cells membrane?

The water moves from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration across the semi permiable membrane using osmosis.

When Oxygen moves from the blood to the cells lining the stomach by the process of?

Circulatory system

What is a gas that moves out of a green leaf during photosynthesis?

Oxygen is the gas released during the process of photosynthesis.