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Q: Name the nutrient that is second only to oxygen for survival and accounts for 60-75 percent of the body weight is what?
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In addition to how much oxygen and nutrient content a body of fresh water has what three other factors affect its variety and productivity?

it has 40 percent

Is oxygen a primary macro nutrient or secondary?

Oxygen is not considered a primary or secondary macronutrient. It is a non-mineral nutrient.

What nutrient has its major reservoir in the lithosphere?


What is the main nutrient the brainuses?

Glucose and Oxygen

Why is oxygen a survival challenge in the deep ocean?

There is hardly any oxygen available at low depths, thus making oxygen a survival challenge in the deep.

What nutrient is responsible for oxygen transport in erythrocytes?


What nutrient helps carry oxygen in the blood?


What is something necessary for survival?


What is the most indispensable nutrient?

Based upon how fast you can loose consciousness when deprived, oxygen is the most indispensable nutrient.

What is te percent of oxygen in C2H4O2?

The percent of oxygen is 53,298 %.

What is the need for the nutrient by the body is second only to oxygen?


The need for this nutrient by the body is second only to oxygen?