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Roller Coaster


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Q: Name an activity that might make you queasy?
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Why do you get dizzy and queasy when lying underneath a vehicle you want to fix. You are 60?

Make sure the vechicle is not in motion during this activity, it may help.

Name an activity that might make your fingers tired?

Typing Sewing Writing Knitting Play Piano Cutting Kneading

What kind of violence is in the hunger game film?

Not a lot of violence which will make you go "eeww" but still some parts where you might feel a tiny bit queasy.

How do you make a description of a pretend activity that you can do on this planet?

You might want to rephrase your question

What are the signs of morning sickness?

You might feel slightly queasy or actually vomit. The nausea and/or vomiting might occur at any time of the day and last an hour or the entire day. As well as feeling sick you might notice that your sense of smell has increased. This is thought to protect you from cosuming food that could be harmful to your baby.

Why would meeting the other tributes make katniss queasy?

Because they were the people she was being forced to kill.

How do you make a new screen name?

i don't think you can. you might have to make a new account

Name an activity many people make a list before doing?

Shopping Vacation Cleaning

How do you make WikiAnswers endorse criminal activity?

You cannot make WikiAnswers endorse criminal activity, and WikiAnswers will never endorse criminal activity.

Make a sentence with the word blood?

He told me that he was my best friend and that he would give his life's blood, until I needed a transfusion, then he turned queasy and fainted.

Name a carnival ride that might make you nausious?

Roller coaster

What are the positives of being involved in physical activity?

You will get fitter, make some new friends, might get paid or rewarded and have the satisfaction of winning (if you do, of course, win).