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Family Feud

1) Breaking up

2) Doesnt fit

3) Works with hands

4) Unfaithful

5) Lost it

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Q: Name a reason why a married woman might not wear her wedding ring?
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A j colby wears a wedding band when did he get married?

he is not married to a woman

What is the significance of a Jewish wedding?

The significance of a Jewish wedding is that a Jewish man and a Jewish woman are married according to the rites and traditions of Judaism.

Name a reason a woman might wait to have children?

Career, financial stability, too young, wants to be married, finishing education, enjoys freedom

Why would a married man return to the same woman he cheated with years later?

Might be because he regret or just simply because he is sick of the other woman and decided to live with his wife again. ANSWER: One reason and one reason only, this married man is in love with the other woman he had an affair with. He could find someone else new but he didn't.

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A woman proved to be married by pressing her nipples and spilling milk from her breast to her lover How does a man prove to be married?

A man proves that he is married by accepting to wear a wedding ring from his wife

What does it mean when a woman plays with her wedding ring?

Typically, when a woman plays with her wedding ring, it means she is nervous or antsy. However, many body language experts claim that a woman who fidgets with her wedding ring is more likely to cheat.

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He might be lying to her so she has no clue you are pregnant or that he's married or he has told her the marriage is ending and that he just stays for w7e reason. She can love him and then she wont care.

WHAT could be the reason a prolong staring by man towards married woman?

We stare because we care.....

Can you wear your wedding ring and engament ring before you get married?

I don't think that there is a rule against it, but it is not common. Wearing a wedding ring generally means you are married, so it would be misleading to wear it if you have not yet had the ceremony. As for the engagement ring, many woman will only wear it until they are actually married, at which time they change to the wedding ring. But some women like their engagement ring so much that they wear both the wedding ring and the engagement ring together even after they are married.