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Because he'll have everyother girl envying on the female that's superman's Girlfriend

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Q: Name a reason why Superman would not make a good boyfriend?
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What was the name of the unmade Superman film that would have featured Doomsday?

"Superman Lives"

Who is Annie's boyfriend on covert affairs?

Her ex-boyfriend's name is Ben Mercer. He is the reason that she got accepted into the CIA but she does not know that.

What is Superman's reporter name?

Superman's secret identity as a reporter is Clark Kent.

What is the name of superman'dog?

Superman's dog's name is Krypto. (Remember, Superman was from Krypton.)

What is the s mean on Superman's suit?

Superman The "S" on superman's suit stands for super...because his name is Superman and he is super.

What was the name of the death of Superman cartoon?

Superman/ Doomsday (2007)

Who was the last superman?

filipe reeve do carmo was the last superman actor in 2008...and his superman film name was ´´superman the man of steel´´...

What was the name of the Superman movie before Superman Returns?

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (with Christopher Reeve)

What is Superman's biological father's name?

Superman's biological father's name is Jor-El.

The element with the same name as the fictional plant which Superman came from?

The real actual element is krypton, it is a noble gas (#36 on the periodic table of elements). In Superman stories the planet is called Krypton, and the green crystals of doom are called Kryptonite.

What was the name of the unmade Superman film that was written by JJ Abrams?

"Superman: Flyby"

What was the name of the TV show that George Reeves played Superman on?

"The Adventures of Superman"