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Cartilage is the part of the skeleton that never stops growing.

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The part of your body that never stops growing is the small intestine.

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I believe your nose, and ears.

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Q: Name a part of your body that never stops growing?
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Never stops growing in the human body?


When does the body stops growing?

The human body usually stops growing in the late stages of teen hood

Which part of the body that never stops growing and that is rodent?

its their teeth!

When do penises stop growing?

Generally about the same time the rest of the body stops growing.

Does all forms of scoliosis progress?

if your body is still growing then it will probably progress. once your body stops growing & you have a minute curve, it will not progress. but, if you have a severe curve then it will progress. It does tend to progress for as long as you are growing but the vast majority of teen with mild scoliosis will never have a problem with it.

How does hair on your arm know when to stop growing?

It never stops growing until after you die. All the hair on your body falls off regularly and is replaced, it just doesn't happen all at the same time so you don't notice

What is the limit age for growing?

21 years old. That's when your brain stops growing and your body slows down the process of growth.

What age do your bones stop growing?

Human bone stops growing around age 17-20. The bones in our body start to close the growth plate when puberty starts on the body.

When does your body start to die Is it directly related to when you stop growing?

The body technically starts to die from the day a person is born. However, there is no exact age the body begins to die, and it does not correlate to when a person stops growing.

Is it true that by the time the body stops growing all of the cartilage has been replaced with bone?

yes its true ^^

At what age do muscles stop growing?

Muscles grow with your body and finish at the same time your body stops growing. That can be anywhere from 17-23 year old. The mass of the muscle can increase with exercise. Your body can increase in mass if you eat too much but you are not really growing in height or muscle length.

Which is the busiest muscles in your human body why?

I would say the heart, as he generally never stops.