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Two types: actin (thin filament) & myosin (thick filament)

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Myofibril ~or~ Myofibril.

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Q: Myofibrils consist of contractile proteins called?
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Which section goes into myofibrils organised along muscle fibers?

Myofibrils are composed of proteins such as actin, myosin, titin. These proteins are organized into thin filaments and thick filaments, which repeat along the length of the myofibril in sections called sarcomeres.

Myofibrils are constructed of overlapping strands of protein polymers?

Actin and Myosin. A conglomeration of actin fibrils and myosin filaments form a myofibril body called a sarcomere.

What is the contractile unit within a myofibril called?

The sarcomere is the contractile unit. It is the space between two Z discs that contains one group of myosin fillaments and two groups of actin fillaments, one group on each end of the myosin fillaments. Z discs join sarcomeres together end-to-end to form myofibrils. A group of myofibrils surrounded by the sarcolema makes up a muscle fiber.

Why muscles are able to contract and relax to bring movements?

Muscles contain certain proteins called contractile proteins which enable it to contract and relax to bring about movements.

What are the fnctions of protein?

Proteins have various functions: enzymes, antibodies, hormones, structural, contractile, transport and storage. Proteins are produced through a process called translation from DNA segments.

What is a contractible unit of muscle?


What features do cell have?

muscle contain special proteins called contractile proteins, they contract and relax to cause movement. Muscles are generally of two types (1) voluntary muscle and (2) involuntary muscle.

What is the functional unit of a skeletal muscle is what?

The sarcomere is one of the base units of a skeletal muscle. These sarcomeres make up myofibrils. They consist of long chains of fibrous proteins such as actin, myosin and titin. These myofibrils are, in turn, constituents of long tubular cells called myocytes, or 'muscle cells'.If you find it difficult to remember the order; try remembering it in the same way you might remember how body systems are made up:Organism > Organ system > Organ > Tissue > CellMuscle > Myocyte > Myofibril > SarcomereThis represents the decrease in size from muscle to sarcomere.

What are the longitudunal bundles in the cytoplasm of a skeletal muscle cell called?

the so called longitudinal bundles in the cytoplasm of a skeletal muscle are actually the muscle contractile proteins, namely actin and myosin.

What organelle helps move excess water?

A specific type of vacuole, called a contractile vacuole expels excess water from many fresh water protists.

The constricting ring of filaments that creates the cleavage furrow is called what?

the contractile ring

Simple proteins are composed of only what?

Simple proteins are composed of only amino acids. These proteins are also called monomeric proteins because they consist of a single polypeptide chain. The sequence of amino acids determines the structure and function of the protein.