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I mean no offense, but you did ask. I think there are several out-of-control people in your family.

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Q: My wife got into a physical altercation at court with her ex boyfriend her daughter ends up getting her arm torn out of place and i get charged with disordely conduct what do you think?
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What is physical altercation?

It can be when two people get into a fight or two people crash.

Can a child sue a parents homeowners insurance over a physical altercation?

As a minor you can not sue anyone, you need your parents to do so. And if you get abused at home you can call the Child Protective service or the police. If the physical altercation cause such damage you need surgery etc it would go on the health insurance your parents have and that you are on.

Who's Courtney Beard?

Courtney Beard sustained wounds after a "physical altercation" B4 she was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. She had been injured & was suffering from hypothermia from walking for several hours in the snow to reach a remote hunting cabin. She was flown by helicopter to Otsego Memorial Hospital. : )

What do you do if someone talks big but wont fight?

Walk away. Words alone are not enough reason to instigate a physical altercation.

What is the definition of Internal Conflict?

That is a physical altercation between troops of two countries that could turn into a war.

How do you fight simple assault charges?

By being able to show that it was not you who committed the assault, or that if you WERE involved in a physical altercation, that you did not initiate it and were only responding with self-defense.

What is an example of Altercation?

An example of an altercation could be a heated argument or disagreement between two individuals that escalates into a physical confrontation or exchange of verbal insults. For instance, imagine two people having a disagreement over a parking space in a crowded parking lot. The disagreement quickly turns into a shouting match as both individuals refuse to back down. This verbal altercation might escalate further if one person pushes the other, leading to a physical confrontation. Such situations often involve heightened emotions, anger, and a lack of effective communication, resulting in a tense and confrontational interaction.

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Lots of reasons um gain green, diseases, you got into a physical altercation, smoking and also lots of stuff

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Translation: luchar OR pelear. Typically, luchar is used more for a physical altercation and pelear is used more for an ideological conflict, but the terms are more-or-less interchangeable.

Why did maurice hit Holden in The Catcher in the Rye?

Maurice hit Holden in "The Catcher in the Rye" because Holden refused to pay the agreed-upon amount after his time with the prostitute, Sunny. This led to a physical altercation between them.

Can you tell if your daughter is a virgin without a pap smear?

Neither a pap smear nor a physical exam can tell you if your daughter has had sex.

How do you avoid physical relationship with your boyfriend..if you are a teenager?

Just tell him that you don't want it. I had a boyfriend like that before, and he didn't respect me that way so I had to break up with him