My uncle's daughter is called

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Your uncle's daughter is your cousin.

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Q: My uncle's daughter is called
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What is your uncles daughter to you?

your uncles daughter would be your cousin

How is your uncles daughter related to you?

Your uncles daughter would be your cousin.

What relation to you is your uncles daughter?

your uncles daughter would be your cousin

Who is Anne Boleyn's cousin?

Her aunts/uncles daughter.

Is it ok to marry uncle's daughter's daughter?

If you really want to marry your uncles grandaughter.It is not illegal.

What if you like your uncles daughter?

incest fun for the whole family

Can you marry your uncles grand daughter?

Sorry, no... you are related in a way.

Why are some kids uncles?

Your uncle/aunt's son/daughter is an adult and you are still small, your uncle/aunt's daughter had a child, and that child will call you uncle. Uncles/aunts are your dad/mom's siblings.

How is your daughter related to her uncle's daughter's child?

Your daughter would b related to her uncles child because they would b cousins

What is my great grand uncles daughter to me?

Second cousin, twice removed

What are your children to your uncles daughter?

Your aunt is your child's Great Aunt, so your child is her great niece or great nephew.

What relationship to you is your great-uncle's daughter's daughter?

The grandchildren of any of your great uncles and great aunts are your second cousins.