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Q: My parents won't let me sleep over at my boyfriends house I'm 16 going to be 17 years old in November should I be allowed or am i parents right for not letting me I've been with my boyfriend for 7mth?
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What does it mean when your boyfriends brother tells your boyfriend to spank his girlfriend?

It seems that he has sort some of perverted mind and wants to see it happen in front of him. I'd recommend not letting your boyfriend do this to you, and ignore the brother.

What can the police do if a 15 year old moves out with her boyfriend without parents consent?

If your boyfriend is 18 he can go to jail and if hes not then the police take you back to your parents house whether you like it or not and I think the boyfriends parents get in trouble for letting you stay with them

When you tell your boyfriend your letting go of him?

When you get tired of him!

How do I deal with my boyfriends ex who continues to give him problems to see his child on his weekend?

Your boyfriends ex-girlfriend shouldn't be giving him problems in the first place. Your boyfriend needs to stand up for himself, instead of letting his ex-girlfriend win. It might sound hard, but actually it is easy. Also, think how the child is feeling always having to listen to arguments.

What to do if my boyfriends ex wants him back but she does not know we are together?

You need better communication skills with your boyfriend and that means there is nothing you should not be able to discuss together. Ask him why he has not let his ex know that he is dating you. You did not say whether she is in touch with him, you or both of you. If he is letting this go on then he is not being honest and loyal to you and you have the control to let him know that you do not share your boyfriends with other girls and if he persists you will break up.

How do you convince your parents to letting you go on a vacation with your boyfriend?

ba mlay ko hehehe

How do you confece your mom in to letting you have a boyfriend?

i wish i knew, i am really wanting one right now.

Is the mother criminally negligent for letting her 15 year old pregnant daughter to marry her 18 year old boyfriend?

The mother is criminal negligent for allowing her to date an 18 year old and letting her 15 year old get pregnant. And 15 may not be allowed to marry without a court order, depending on the state they are in. And depending upon the state laws, the boyfriend may be liable for statutory rape charges or criminal sexual contact charges.

What if the girl says that she does want a boyfriend right now but she does like you?

This could mean a few things - of course it could mean exactly what it says, she may like you but is not ready for a boyfriend, she may not be interested in boys, she may not be allowed to date yet or she could be letting you down easy and this is the most polite way she could come up with.

How do you keep a ex boyfriend?

Whether or not you get to keep an ex-boyfriend is out of your control; however, that does not mean that you can't be his friend and support him in general and letting him know that you care about him and his future.

Can your boyfriends parents get arrested for letting you stay the night at their house without your parents permission?

If you're in the US and you're a minor (under 18), absolutely they can face charges for it.

What can you do to scare someone?

To scare your boyfriend when he just moves in with you... 1-Put a crib in the spare bedroom, then stare at it from time to time. 2-Turn off the light,then call on the telephone using your phone without letting your boyfriend seeing you. then pretend your scare to make it more affective.3-When the room is so dark and your boyfriend doesnt see anything slowly get out of the room without your boyfriend noticing.. more affective: if you have a rat put it in a jar then when the room is dark pretend your scared then first hold your boyfriend's hand then take your hands off then get the rat out of the jar then slowly hold your boyfriends hand then slowly releasing your hand