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obviously she cheated on you dude its obvious if shes gone for awhile and says she with friends or somethn she is banging another guy

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Q: My girlfriend said she cheated on me then said she never did it?
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What was the most horrible thing that happened to christofer drew?

His girlfriend when he was 16 cheated on him and he has wrote tons of songs about it.. he said it was such a horrible feeling and he would never cheat on any girl, so he cheated on his last girlfriend Kristen krewson in 2011.

Did mikey fusco's girlfriend Montana cheat on him?

no montana never cheated on mikey

Do never shout never the band members have girlfriends?

Christofer drew was dating kristin krewson but he cheated on her and got into things and he pushed her away, thats what she said. taylor macfee said in a interview that he does have a girlfriend hayden kaiser i believe is single

What was the girl's name that cheated on Synyster Gates?

Synyster Gates never said the name of the girl that cheated on him.

What to do when your girlfriend cheated?

if your girlfriend cheated,you should end the relationship

Who out of JLS cheated on his girlfriend?

None of them have cheated.

How can you tell your girlfriend you cheated?

how do you know if your boyfriend has cheated

Will Jason ever get a girlfriend?

No Jason Will never get a girlfriend because he said he wont

Does christofer drew have a girlfriend?

They just broke up and her name was Alison. he was dating his on and off girlfriend kristin krewson but she said he cheated on her, so they broke up for good.

Who was Jesse McCartney girlfriend that cheated on him?

Jesse McCartney is a famous pop star. The girlfriend that he had that cheated on him was named Katie Cassidy.

How do guys feel after cheating on your girlfriend?

After cheating on their girlfriend, guys may feel guilty, ashamed, and regretful for their actions. They may also feel anxious about the consequences of their behavior and fear losing their partner's trust.

Your girlfriend cheated on you She said she was drunk and that she was really sorry you love each other so much Should you break up with her for cheating on you?

If she really loved you, she would not have cheated on you, plain and simple, drunk or not.