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Maybe you need a break. Tell her to call you when she gets her feelings straightened out. It's not fair to you to be with someone who lets you know that she misses the last guy she was with. She is immature. She needs time to get over her old boyfriend. If she can't then maybe you should move on. You deserve to spend time with someone who isn't pining for someone else.

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Q: My girlfriend misses her ex. What should I do?
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What are signs to let your ex girlfriend you misses her?

Stare at her. Tell her. Be smart

What does it mean when an ex girlfriend sends you a text message after a period of no contact?

she misses you

Why would your girlfriend be eating blue cheese when she hates it but said her ex loved it?

Either she misses her ex or her tastes have changed.

Why is it an ex girlfriend starts talking to again when they just split from a relationship?

its cause she still loves you or she misses talk-in to you

Your ex likes you and misses you he says but he has a new girlfriend will he come back?

maybe if he don't go gay and get with Clint

What does it mean if dream that your bf said he misses his ex girlfriend?

Youre feeling insecure. Or, maybe you picked up on something still between them. You should probably talk to your boyfriend about your feelings.

Do you get back together with your ex boyfriend after a year and a half while he had a girlfriend for that period of time and still misses her?

Yes its possible

If your ex girlfriend texted you this morning saying I love you forever and ever what is she tryin to say?

It sounds as though she misses you and wants you to know that.

Should the new girlfriend and Ex Wife try to be friends?

No, it is not wise for the new girlfriend and ex wife to be friends and the ex wife should move on. If children are involved then the ex husband and ex wife should be dealing with this.

How will you know that your ex girlfriend still loves you?

You don't, but if she is then that is her problem. It is your ex-girlfriend, you should have moved on.

What is the role of an ex-girlfriend?

If you are the "Ex-Girlfriend" than you should either, A. Ignore Your Ex-Boyfriend B. Ignore His New Girlfriend C. Try To Be Friends D. Cry Your Eyes Out E. Be A Jerk To Him You should do C.

What is your ex trying to tell you by saying he misses your lips?

he misses kissing you.