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If your girlfriend is bleeding and it is not her monthly. You need to get her into the hospital immediately and not wait with this. It could be a number of things. From a failed pregnancy to something serious.

And no it is not contagious but it could be a disorder and it could be something else.

A physician can give you better advice.

I would not wait or give this time to get worse as it could.

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Q: My girlfriend has been bleeding down below... is it contagious?
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Added What if your girlfriend started bleeding during or after sex last night and is still bleeding very lightly today but she is nowhere near due for her period what does this mean?

She could have been a virgin, torn some vaginal tissue enough to cause bleeding, or had other bleeding beyond her cervix-which could be caused by various issues- CU1982

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Your girlfriend has been using tampons in a miscarriage and has heavy bleeding after about two weeks What to do?

Your girlfriend should go to her doctor, or an emergency room, as soon as possible.Miscarriage is serious and she requires medical care to ensure it completes without risk to her. If bleeding is continuing and heavy for a long time it may be an indication of something seriously wrong. Also tampons should not be used during miscarriage as it poses serious risks of TSS and PID.

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no not very. this is a serious issue. you need to consult your doctor.