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Yes, she will go back out with you give her some space. BACK OFF!!!!! I know because I'm a girl.


Also, see related question below.

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Q: My girlfriend broke up with me because she says she was stressed and so can I get her back if I wait but she said we are not even friends but I know she loves me?
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Does Jesse McCartney Have any Girlfriends?

no he does not have a girlfriend because he broke up with his old girlfriend Katie Cassidy on July 13th,2007. And now they are just friends now.

What do you do when you just broke up with your girlfriend?

Make more lady friends.

Your girlfriend broke up with you because she says she is stressed and so can you get her back?

Yes, you can get her back, but you will have to change. If she says that you stress her out, then you need to try to be more relaxed between you and her and don't push her so much.

What do you do if you still cant heal after you cheated on your girlfriend and what if her friends want to hurt you what do i do?

I don't know what you have to heal about because you broke your ex-girlfriend's heart. You cheated and broke that bond of trust with your girlfriend. Now you're paying the price. However, her friends should butt out and leave it up to the two of you to work out one way or the other. Apparently your girlfriend is immature and is playing the "wounded sparrow" scenerio to get friends to feel sorry for her and do her own fighting for her. The both of you should be discussing this and no one else should be involved.

Husband recently broke up with girlfriend staying friends with her?

It is not good. You and her should not be known or seen together because other people might think otherwise.

Can you be friends with an ex girlfriend if you broke up on good terms?


Why did Dom Howard broke up from his girlfriend?

she broke up because he had a one night stand

Nick Jonas Chinese girlfriend?

her name is maya. she is not his girlfriend either. their just best friends. nick was dating selena, but they recently broke up.

Why would a guys ex girlfriend talk to him?

if the boy broke up wiff her; she wants to be friends or more than friends. if she broke up wiff him; she wants to be friend, get backk, or make another boy jealous.

You like your best guyfriend but your friends hate him and he has a girlfriend but you think they broke up What do you do?

if you think they broke up... wait until you know for sure and ask him if hes alright. If your friends hate him, IT DOESN'T MATTER! if they were good friends they would understand if you like him

How can you tell if you lost your girlfriend?

if she is cheating on you if she says she wants to be friends if she broke up with you STUPID!!!!!!! use ur common sense

Gilbert Arenas never acknowledge the mother of his kids as his girlfriend I wonder why?

because she is not his girlfriend anymore. they were engaged but broke the engagement off.