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- could be bored - looking to boink - might miss you a bit - hidden feelings - all of the above

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Q: My ex boyfriend wants to hang out what does this mean?
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What does it mean if an ex boyfriend tells you he is not through with you?

he wants your freaking body

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend talks to you?

He might just want to be friends with you or he wants you back.

What does it mean when a ex boyfriend asks you to come over to his house a lot?

He wants you back.

What should you do if your boyfriend is best friends with an ex of alooong time ago and youre never invited to hang out with them when the ex is around?

Your not invited means your current boyfriend is saying your not allowed. Maybe he, too, is insecure and wants to keep the ex within arms length to be sure that nothing is still there. You should make the statement about this to your boyfriend and see what he says. If he hangs with your friends you should hang with his.......

How do you know when your ex boyfriend wants you back?

1. He starts calling you. 2. He so happens to be at every place that you're at 3. He wants to be friends but wants to hang out with you all the time 4. He said he wants to get back with you

What does it mean if your ex-boyfriend talks to you more after you mentioned another guy?

Because he wants his cake and eat it too. He wants his freedom on his own terms, but wants you sit at home and grow old waiting for him. I have no idea why anyone would hang around their ex. Ex means it's over! Move on and keep dating. If he really loves you he'll fight for you. Stop talking to him!

What does it mean when your boyfriend saves your life from all your ex boyfriends?

that he loves you and wants to f*ck you

If an Ex wants to hang out is mean and then nice what does this mean?

It possibly means that the ex still has feelings for you. They also might want to get back together with you but are displaying it in the wrong way.

What do you do if your ex-boyfriend get back to you?

i mean, if he's your ex-boyfriend he's your EX-boyfriend. that means...boyfriend.

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to harm an ex boyfriend?

Questions you should ask is why does he want to harm your ex.

What does it mean if you dream about your ex boyfriend ending his current relationship?

This might be a wish-fulfillment dream, particularly if the dreamer wants to re-establish a relationship with the ex boyfriend. The dream expresses the dreamer's emotions and provides no information about the ex boyfriend's feelings.

If this boy is your friend and he says that he is going to text his ex later does that mean he wants to get back with her or something?

that means your boyfriend wants to bang his ex all night long Ye-Ya!!!