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Sure, you can mix just about any liquid medication with a food or drink. Make sure the bottles don't say 'take medication while fasting' or similar though! Plus I would never recommend this with medications in pill form or chewables because the child could choke.

Here's the thing though, you want a higher concentration of the medication still 'together.' So if she is prescribed X number of teaspoons, you should try giving it to her with only a little bit of food or drink mixed into it. This will somewhat hide the taste of the medication or smell of it, without breaking it up too much.

In the future, ask the pharmacist if they offer flavors for any liquid medications you will need. Many pharmacies will flavor any liquid medication with flavors like grape, bubblegum, cherry, orange, etc. Some have even more flavors like strawberry, watermelon, etc. Of course, it costs a little extra to have the medication flavored, but it isn't much at all. And it's totally worth it when you find a flavor that your child really likes.

Another thing that may be useful if you are trying to give medication to a younger child, there are those plastic medicine dispensers that look like syringe except there is a "bubble" at the end you can squeeze the medication into her cheek. This can work by holding her down. Even better than that, there are this mini bottles (only holds a couple of tablespoons) with a nipple on it just like a bottle to dispense the medication, and this is convenient for those young children who still find comfort (and trust) a bottle.

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Q: My daughter will not take her Augmentin RX willingly can you mix liquid augmentin with food or drink?
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Whether augmentin to be kept in refrigerator?

If you have been given the solution (liquid) version of augmentin, then yes, it should be stored in the refrigerator. Tablet/capsule augmentin need not be refrigerated.

Was my sons liquid augmentin not effective if it wasn't refrigerated?

Augmentin is an antibiotic formulated in liquid for children. It comes with manufacturing label that has to be refrigerated once reconstituted to maintain potency. If was not refrigerated then it will loose potency and will do no good to child.

Is augmentin liquid still good if it turns yellow?

It shouldn't change colors, but it should already have a slight off-white color to it once the powder is mixed with water at the pharmacy. Augmentin also expires after 10 days once mixed. And should be kept refrigerated. If left out, then it is not good anymore and can cause the color change.

Why is it extremely important to refrigerate Augmentin?

When Augmentin is in liquid form, as it usually is for children, it can spoil very rapidly, which could cause serious illness to the child. The pharmacist mixes the powder form of the med with distilled water, which is sort of like 'reconstituting it'. Thus, the now liquid form of this med will spoil quite rapidly if not refrigerated. Just as in powdered milk, you don't have to refrigerate it until it is mixed with water.

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