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Seek out a family member to talk to about this. If you dont have a family member consider a local childrens charity or even a teacher

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Q: My dad is alcoholic and mentally abusing What should I do?
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Can you get emancipated at age 15 if your dad is an alcoholic and mentally abusing you and your mom keeps telling you to leave?

Contact your local shelter and they will help you. You are smart to protect yourself.

What should you draw for your dad that has something to do with his birthday?

If your dad is an alcoholic your can draw him beer

Should you tell your dad to divorce your mom?

No you dont have the right in less your mom is abusing you.

What does it mean when you dream about your dad abusing you?

This dream illustrates the dreamer's feeling violated by somebody who should be protecting her/him.

Is your dad an alcoholic?


Did beethoven's dad buse him?

because Beethoven's dad was a alcoholic.

How do you get your dad to stop abusing you in every way?

call the police

If your dad is abusing you and you are a sixteen year old female what could and should do you do?

You should have a confidential talk with Social Services (Child Protection) to find out what they can do to help you. All the very best!

Was Meat Loaf's dad an alcoholic?

He was a very heavy alcoholic, and it got worse when his wife died.

What to do if your dad beats your head up and wont stop ever?

If he is abusing then talk to a realitive about it.

Can a 13 year old make a decision of who to live with if her mom dies and dad is mentally disabled mom and dad are divorced and dad does not have custody?

The courts can make the decision to place a 13 year older in the right living situation that will better benefit their well-being. All the child needs to do is get the help of another older family member. It should be an easy process if the mom dies and the mentally-ill dad does not have custody.

How did Eleanor's parents die?

her dad died from over drinking he was a alcoholic