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hm. well, maybe he meant that he likes you but not sure about it. either that or he means he likes you.

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He likes me😑😑😑😮😮😮😮😮😮
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He means he

likes you but is not sure to tell he wants you to ask him out

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Q: My crush told me he kinda likes me. What does he mean?
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What if you told your crush you liked him how do you you know if he likes you?

Ask Him.

What to do if you like your best friend's crush?

if there is a chance of your friend being with their crush back off if there is not or only a small chance or their crush likes you then tell your friend i told my best friend she was fine with it i mean its only a crush its not like they are actually dating

Your crush told one of your best friends who he likes but she wont tell you?

Chances are this person likes you. But they are embarrassed!

What does it mean when your crush's little 7yr old sister tells you that he told her that he likes you?

be cool about. but first make sure that its true like ask ur friends and maybe ur crush

What if he just told you that he likes you nd you have had a crush on him for a long time should you keep saying it to him?

if you have a crush on him tell him grrl!

Why do my crush's friends call me his girlfriend?

Okay, don't get your hopes up, but it probably means that he told them that he likes you, or they saw it themselves, so now they're teasing him.

What does it mean when you keep catching your crush frowning at you?

if this is in a dream (as i assume it is because it's under this category) you could be projecting your insecurities about wheather your crush likes you or not onto the dream version of your crush. you're manifesting your anxiety in a negative way.

You told your guy friends who are friends with your crush to ask your crush when his birthday is and since your friends with your crush he told you that they asked him does your crush like you?

Why don't you just talk to him yourself, instead of getting your friends to talk to him. That is the only way you will ever really know if he likes you or not.

What if your crush friend' told you that he likes you that a possibility that your crush likes you back?

well, it depends on who you think that your crush is, and what he thinks of you. it mainly just what one percepts of someone else. so, if your crush's friend is an honest person, and obey's his/her friends, then im pretty sure that he does like you.

You told your crush that you liked him he just said well goodnight then what does this mean everyone thinks that he likes me and he still flirts?

He does not have the same feeling.. or more unlikely thinks you are messing with him.

What if the friend of the guy you like won't tell you who your crush likes what does it mean?

This situation can branch off into two and you might not like one of them: Either 1) His friend won't tell you because your crush might have told him he likes you but doesn't want you to know. or 2) Your crush's friend knows that your crush likes someone else and doesn't want your feelings to be hurt so he isn't going to tell you. Sorry, but I hope it ends up being that he's shy :[ Good luck

I have a crush on a guy who likes me back and he told my friend that he was scared to call me what does that mean?

what that means is he's very shy make him feel like your gonna be there for him and that he can trust you make him feel comffy