My crush is a player

Updated: 4/28/2022
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play him

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Q: My crush is a player
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Does a guy have a crush on you if they try to kiss you?

yes or maybe he is a player

Who does lil wayne have a crush on?

Jewell she is an basket ball player

Does kelly kelly have a crush on a WWE superstar?

No she doesn't she is dating a hockey player

In WWE wreslting who does kelly kelly have a crush on?

She had a crush on Cody Rhodes! __________ Oh really?? when was this? Never because it is not true. Kelly has never had a crush on Cody! She is dating Justin Gabriel for the last 8 months. actually in real life shes dating a defense player of the dallas stars (nhl player)

How do you get the chicken in crush the castle 2 player pack?

beat undead mode =D

How do you get the last item in crush castle player?

you need to have 50 gold medals in order to have the triple large bombs

Is Nathan griffths gay?

yes Nathan is if you were wondering he use to but he has a crush on one of the player of Bolton and josh peck

What do you do if you hate your crush?

If you hate your crush, then they're not your crush.

What is a mad crush?

A Mad Crush Is When It Is A Big Crush

How do you crush a bilding on Animal Crossing?

You can't crush a building. hope that helped. I only have the gamecube game so that is wht i will talk about. You can demolish a player house on the menu. I f you go to the optionns. you can choose demolish a house

Who sings the song Crush?

There are three songs that I know about that are called Crush- Crush by David Archuleta Crush by Selena Gomez Crush by Paramore

What is the name of the piano player in the peanuts cartoon?

The piano player in the Peanuts cartoon is Schroeder. He is known for playing Beethoven on his toy piano and having an unrequited crush on Lucy.