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Only if you're a guy as well. Otherwise, yes. There's a problem.

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Q: My boyfriend doesn't flirt back with girls who flirt with him is that a healthy thing?
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Why do single girls not flirt so much but girls with boyfriends flirt a lot more?

Girls who flirt a lot get boyfriends easily but they don't stop flirting just because they have a boyfriend. Girls who don't flirt a lot doesn't get boyfriends as much. This assuming you are about fifteen or so...Or possibly because girls feel safer flirting when there is no obligation since they already have a boyfriend. Flirtation is a fun game to play because egos get stroked along the way.

Your boyfriend doesnt want to give his MySpace female friends and you had requested this from him because he flirts with them are you being unreasonable?

Yes,...his friends are his let him keep them to himself if he wishes or you may find yourself looking for another boyfriend if you interfere. If it REALLY bothers you that much you may want to find another boyfriend who doesn't flirt with other girls tho that's a rare thing, most men like to flirt.

Why do boys not get mad when girls flirt with boys?

because there guys that is why they don't get mad my boyfriend didn't get mad so don't worry about it if he flirts with other girls you flirt with other guys that just the only answer

Your boyfriend sexually attracted to your friend?

In that case, drop him. If he is attracted to her, he will flirt with her, and she might flirt back (all girls do), then it could turn into emotional cheating, and after that is continues.

Why girls flirt?

girls flirt to get a guys attention

How do you get 11 year old girls to date you?

Trust me im 11 and i had a boyfriend! BOYS. Flirt with he girl then you ask her out if she says yes yay you!! But if she says no flirt with her and ask her out again!! GIRLS. Flirt with the boy then ask him out but if he says yes yay 4 you but if he says no flirt with him then ask him out again!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

How do you impress a boy who other girls flirt with?

You, may try to speak with the person (Boyfriend) tell him how you feel etc..

Why do lots of girls still flirt with you when they already have a boyfriend is it because your an easy target?

Because a woman is attractive for men

How do girls flirt with girls?

The same way they flirt with boys.

What does it mean if a guy flurts with you but says he doesnt like you?

he just likes to flirt... im the same way with my dudes and i dont like most of them... girls gotta flirt... so do guys

When a girl doesnt want a relationship What is the reason?

she probably doesn't want the drama that come with having a boyfriend. Also she might not want to have to worry whether he's cheating or whatever. Some girls also like being single because they dont have to be so self-concious. "do I have a pimple?" "did I wax?" it's more simple when being single. Also she can have a good time. Of course there's time to flirt with that cute boy in Algebra class but it's less complicated with a boyfriend. It's better to flirt and have fun than have a boyfriend that might hate you if you were to flirt. No boyfriend= less tears.

How do you know when your ex-boyfriend likes you?

he will try and flirt with you and might also make you jealous by flirting with other girls when your around.