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We haven't been getting along lately. Last night, I took a pregnancy test that he bought for me and he told his cousins that I was taking it. So after i took it i had to face all of them to tell them I wasn't pregnant. When i got home I told him how bad and embarassed i felt about it and how personal it was and how it was supposed to be something between us two. I over did it and said a lot of stuff I didn't mean and we both went to bed angry. I started texting him asking him to forgive me and I apologized but still he wouldn't forgive me. He refuses to see me and now i have a feeling he doesn't want anything to do with me. I want to do something special to make things up to him but I have no idea what to do, especially if he refuses to see me. PLEASE HELP.

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Q: My boyfriend and I keep fighting how can I make him forgive me?
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How do you make my boyfriend forgive me?

you tell him your sorry and you love him.

How do you get your boyfriend to forgive you?

I called my boyfriend name he was very upset and angry with me. I did apologise to him and I said that I did not mean it. He still angry with me. What can I do to make him forgive me?

How do you make your boyfriend commet to you and only you?

Keep him interested hun!

How can you make your boyfriend to forgive you for what you have said?

Buy him a gift of what he likes such as trains toys or chocolate

Would you drop a friend just because your boyfriend wants you to?

That depends on just how controlled you want to be by your boyfriend. If you allow him to decide who your friends are or aren't, then how far is that from your boyfriend deciding which members of your family you can see or not, if ever. If you want to keep the friend, then keep the friend. Your boyfriend can only make you as unhappy as you allow him to make you.

How do you keep your boyfriend on hard?

You can keep your boyfriend on hard by doing oral sex on him or watching pornography. You can also use toys or dress up in order to make him hard.

What position should you be in to make out with your boyfriend for the first time?

verticle and keep the clothes on

Would you forgive your boyfriend for not inviting you to his best friend's birthday party even though his friend invited you Specially taken that his friend's sister is your boyfriend's ex girlfriend?

yes but if you give him a hard time about it first, he might do something nice for you to make it up, if he is a true boyfriend

What could your ex boyfriend do to make you feel like you can forgive him?

It is strictly up to your ex boyfriend and he has to figure this problem out himself and if and when he tries to get back to you be sure he is sincere in what he says. You can't put words in his mouth and you can't make him come back if he doesn't want to come back.

How do you make your girfriend's parents forgive you?

You cannot make her parents (or anyone else) forgive you. When & if they forgive you is completely up to them. Be patient & don't push the matter.

Should a man forgive his boyfriend of 4 years if he cheated on him with a straight friend?

That is more of a personal decision you need to make based on your relationship and if you can recover the trust that was broken when he cheated.

How can you make yourself feel happy after fighting with a friend?

Make amends and forgive as soon as you can. There's not enough time in our lives to fight with our friends, or anybody else for that matter. Do it very quickly. Even if you're the wronged one.