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It could be oral thrush recommend getting a mouthwash called corsodyl if that dont work then antibiotics from your docter will clean it up...

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Q: My Gums hurt and they have white stuff on them will it be yanked out?
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Your Gums hurt and there is white puffy stuff on it?

There are actually 13 different conditions of the mouth that can cause pain in the gums with white patches. Some of these conditions include toothbrush irritation, a virus infection, canker sores, and thrush.

What is a bump on upper gums that white puss and blood squeezes out like a pimple but does not hurt?

Periodontitis...........I think.

Can baby teeth hurt sometimes when they get loose?

Yes, baby teeth can hurt, and most of the time will hurt. The reason they hurt is because you are exposing tender gums and you are ripping roots out of the gums.

Does it hurt when the white stuff comes out of your vagina?

it means you just came

Does it hurt getting your gums cut open to attach a bracket to a tooth inside your gums?

yes yes yes

What is the sores on your gums that are white and sore?

canker sores... the hurt bad too. You can get them from skipping brushing your teeth, accidentally biting yourself, and a few other ways.

What is that dry white stuff in nipples and is it harmful to pull it out?

Hey I have no idea what that white stuff is (I always thought it was dry skin) but I can tell you it is not harmful to pull out and it doesn't hurt or anything :) Hope that helps

What would cause a dog to have white gums The dog still wags its tale and eats It seems energitic?

having white gums is unhealthy. if the dog is still happy and not hurt while eating, than its not having any pain. you should still get them treated by a vet or it will cause serious damage upon the dog. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO THE POOR DOG.

Should your gums hurt as your wisdom teeth break through?

There is a little soreness

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chewing gums?

The good thing is that, when you chew gums, your breath is better and the bad thing is, your mouth is gonna hurt... :P Hope I helped!

Had a tooth pulled 2 days ago was feeling fine but now there is a lot of pain in the gums where the tooth was is it infected or is this normal?

This is probably normal if your gums hurt.

What part of your body would hurt if you had pyorrhea?

which part of the body is affected by pyorrhoea