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Ya know these questions should be self explanitory. Ex- means no longer. Like ex-convict means you are not a convict any more, so ex- boyfriend means not a boyfriend any more. If he is your ex boyfriend what happened to drive you apart? was it him cheating on you? Was he abusive to you?What ever happened to cause you to break up is gonna happen again only quicker and more intense. Tell him not to contact you anymore because you are very happy now and thanks but no thanks

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Q: My Ex boyfriend sent me a text message asking me to marry him I am seeing someone else and it is pretty serious.... What should I do because I am confused?
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Is getting an ipod for you boyfriend too serious?

No because it shows that just really like him.

Does Meryl Davis have a boyfriend?

Usually confused and thought to be dating partner Charlie White, Meryl and Charlie are just partners and friends. As of February 2014, Meryl is not in a serious relationship with anyone.

Is the relationship serious?

Are you kidding relationships are serious because your boyfriend may think you are being mean or selfish or your girlfriend may think your not paying attion to them

Why did boyfriend proposed by text because of long distant relationship?

he probably doesnt have the money to do it person, but if he was serious he loves you

How do you become a serious girlfriend?

My boyfriend says that that he feels like I am never serious and that our relationship isn't serious either, although he hates to talk about things like our post-secondary/ career goals. I like to make jokes, but everyone else feels that I am very mature, organized and responsible, and I am a meticulous planner. We have been together almost 2 years now and thought that he would lighten up but apparently I act really "immature". So what does it mean to be a "serious girlfriend" because I am very confused.

How do you talk serious to your boyfriend?

Sit him down and tell him you wanna talk serious.

Why won't your boyfriend introduce you to his friends if you've been dating 2 years?

Because you guys are dating. It's not serious.

What if a Boyfriend left furniture and girlfriend moves out and furniture is gone?

Maybe your girlfriend took away your furniture because you had a serious fight with her.

What to do when you are serious with your boyfriend?

I want to see you salman khan

How do you tell your boyfriend that you used to be suicidal?

Just tell him that you used to be. Go to somewhere where there won't be a lot of people and that you can talk about serious stuff because suicide IS serious stuff. Make sure that you are getting help for that too. I am sure that your boyfriend wouldn't want you to die, and no one deserves to feel like that.

Should you write a letter to your fiance's ex girlfriend since she is trying to get him back after 5 years?

I think you should talk to your boyfriend and see how he views his relationship with you. If he is not serious about you and the relationship that he has with you, then you are wasting your time sending her a letter. On the other hand, if he is serious about his relationship with you, then yes, I think that you should contact her. But it should be face to face, and the boyfriend should be present. This will send a clear, sincere message of the seriousness of your relationship with your boyfriend and vise versa. He should also break off any and all contact with her, simply because she is not a healthy influence to your relationship. If he is unwilling to do so, then you have an obvious problem and need to let him go.

Why did a one night stand tell you she aborted your baby?

She has her reasons - ask her. But most likely because she didn't want it because she was your one night stand and not a serious boyfriend or husband.