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minimal fluid in POD means what Type your answer here...

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Q: Minimal free fluid seen in the POD means?
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What does it mean by no fluid is seen in cul de sac?

When no fluid is seen in the cul de sac, it typically means there is no abnormal accumulation of fluid in the space between the uterus and rectum. This finding is common during imaging studies such as ultrasounds and is generally considered normal.

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If you have seen metal in the fluid, the axle will need overhauled.

What does the term no cul-de-sac fluid is seen in regards to an ultrasound of an ovarian cyst?

It's a normal finding, and means it doesn't appear that the cyst has ruptured.

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What does it mean when your nipples are sticky but there no fluid seen?


What is the job of the embryonic fluid?

the embryonic fluid is seen in Fallopian tube it helps to move the sperms to the ovary.

What are the causes of minimal Koch's infection?

Causes of minimal Koch's infection are respiratory infections. Koch's bacillus is the pathogen which causes tuberculosis which is seen on a chest x-ray as an infiltrate, or poorly defined space.

What does No peritoneal spill seen mean?

It means the fallopian tube on that side was blocked.

What is color of transmission fluid?

all the one's I have seen are red

What is the medical term meaning abnormal accumulation of fluid or other material within the lung that can be seen on xray or other radiologic evaluation?

An infiltrate is an accumulation of fluid or other material seen in the lung on imaging.