Milliliter versus millicurie

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You cannot compare volume and radiation.

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Q: Milliliter versus millicurie
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How many millimeter makes a milliliter?

not the same units, lenght versus volume.

How many ml are in water versus grams in water?

One milliliter (ml) of water = one cubic centimeter (cc) of water = one gram of water

How many milligrams equal 1 milliliter?

Milligrams versus millilitersOne milliliter of water weighs one gram. There are 1000 milligrams in one gram.One milliliter of other substances will weigh more or less, depending upon their densities. A millilter of gasoline, for example, weighs less, and a milliliter of mercury weighs more -- WAY more. (No pun intended.)Milligram is a unit of mass; milliliter is a unit of volume. You can't directly convert the two. If you know the density of a substance, you can say, for example, "1 milliliter of water has a mass of 1 gram (1000 milligrams)", or "1 milliliter of lead has a mass of about 11 gram".

How many Mg's does 8 milliliter's equal?

You can't just convert one to the other - they measure different things (mass versus volume). For a specific material, if you know the density, you can use the formula: mass = volume x density

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