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Catabolism and Anabolism are the two phases or Metabolism.

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Q: Metabolism can be categorized in what phases?
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What phases can metabolism be categorized?

Catabolism and Anabolism are the two phases or Metabolism.

Metabolism can be categorized?

Metabolism is categorized as either anabolism or catabolism. Anabolism is the building up of molecules, tissues, etc whereas catabolism is the breaking down of molecules, tissues, etc.

What are the three phases of drug effects?

There are three phases of drug effects. These three phases are the administration phase, active phase, and the metabolism phase.

Catabolism and anabolism are two phases of metabolism?


What are the four phases of the disposition of a toxic compound?

The disposition of a toxic compound in a biological system is divided into four phases which include: absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion and they are interrelated.

What are the phases of drug metabolism?

There are two phases of drug metabolism: Phase I - Functionalizes the drug molecule. In this phase, there are addition or modification of functional groups in order to make them more susceptible to phase II of metabolism. Phase II - Conjugates the molecule. In this phase, the functional handles of the molecule can be conjugated to highly hydrophilic molecules in order to facilitate the excretion.

Catabolism and anabolism are the two phases of metabolism?

is the distinguish the distance between the end! :D

Metabolism can be categorized in the following phases?

There are 3 but I only know 2, distribution and elimination.

What events that occur during other phases of the cell cycle might inhibit general metabolism?

Certain events during the cell cycle may inhibit or slow down metabolism. The copying of DNA in the nucleus an cytoplasm would be one of them.

When does general cell metabolism occur G1 S G2 cytokinesis all of these?

Cell metablolism is always occuring; so it would be all of the phases mentioned.

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Superstitions can be categorized according to the subject matter. They can be categorized according to the culture from which they originated. They can also be categorized according to time period.

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