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Updated: 9/7/2023
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Many of the fabric softeners don't smell all that great in the first place. If the clothes are left damp too long while laundering them and then drying them later this can cause clothing to smell fine at first, but with the body heat an unpleasant odor can occur. The best thing to wash laundry with is liquid Arm & Hammer (in US). This takes out all odors and there is no need to use a fabric softener. Speak to your mother about the problem. * It might be sweat.

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Try febreeze. Or there are some really nice "lamps" that you can buy. There called Lampe Berger. If you go on their website, they have some really pretty designs that you can pick out thats best for your home.They also use scented oils, so you can pick out your favourite scent.

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Q: Make room smell nice
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How do you make a room smell good?

Air freshener and if that doesn't work open a window and spray perfume or colone or something that smells good to you.. you can also light a few candles that smell nice.. Hope I helped

How can I make my room smell good?

It's not a difficult question! You can use an aromatherapy candle or a reed diffuser. They can make your room smell good, and at the same time have a variety of smells for you to choose from, fruity, floral, woody, always have your own smell. Home Lights is a great candle brand to check out.

What would make your room smell like blood?

Erm.... BLOOD???

What do you use candles for?

to smell it or make something like a room smell better or if u lose power in your home

How can you make a room look nice?

clean it make it nice by adding funky wallpaper designs which relate to your taste. For instance having a polka dot wallpaper would look cool because it would brighten up your room. Adding colours and designs really give that effect to your room to make it more homely and nice.

How do you make your room look nice when it is messy?

You cant make it look nice while its still messy....... You have to CLEAN! Organizing helps too.

If you have to keep them in your room are mice good pets?

well, they do smell, but make lovely pets.

Can you smell the vapour in the room?

No. Vapour does not smell.

Are essential oils and home fragrance oil the same thing?

The simple answer is no. Essential oils, as long as they are 100% pure, are potent plant extracts with no chemical additives. They are for much more than just making a room smell nice. In fact they have been used as medicines for over 6000 years. A "home fragrance" is most likely a chemically derived smell used simply to make the air smell good. I'd recommend using essential oils with a cold air diffuser or humidifier for making your home smell nice.

What are some candles uses?

they can make the room smell good or you could use it for when your electrisity goes out

What is the word for a collection of fragrant items you put in a bowl to make a room smell good?


When you use room freshener the smell spreads throughout the room why?

the gas in the room freshener mixes with the air in the room and as air moves , the smell from the room freshener spreads through out the room