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Q: Living bacteria in yogurt is known as?
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Is yogurt the food living or non living?

yes,yogurt is a living thing because it has bacteria and the bacteria is living.

Does yogurt contain lipids?

No yogurt is living cultures of bacteria.

Why does yogurt explode when you open it?

yogurt is a living bacteria and produces gases

What are benificial microorganisms?

Unlike viruses and bacteria, there are a number of beneficial microorganisms. For instance, the living bacteria that resides in yogurt is known to be good for the human digestive system.

Does yogurt compose of cells?

Its composed of healthy living bacteria.

Is the yogurt alive?

No, bacteria inside it is alive but the yogurt itself is not, so no yogurt is not alive. Some people may think that it is, but yogurt is dairy that contains edibal bacteria, but the dairy, witch is the yogurt, is not accually alive.

Is yogurt a good bacteria?

yogurt is not a bacteria, but bacterias make yogurt

Is yogurt bacteria is it found a lot in yogurt bacteria?


What are 3 foods made with bacteria?

Yogurt is well known example of food made out of bacteria. Food items that requires fermentation also has bacteria. Now a days many yogurt manufacturing companies are using strains of better yielding bacteria to make yogurt.

How many kinds of bacteria could you find in yogurt?

Yogurt bacteria

Which yogurt has the most bacteria in it?

Your yogurt

Do plants have bacteria in it?

Bacteria is on basically everything, however bacteria doesn't always cause a horrible disease and stuff like that... For example, bacteria is purposefully used to make yogurt, cheese etc.