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here is the most barebone list i can think of

pros: you do not feel alone, you feel confident and sure about yourself

cons: if you're still in school, its hard to focus on work and other things.

also, breakups can hurt even the coldest heart, so that's probably the worst thing...

More Pros/Cons:pros: when you love someone you care about this person so much that if a car was coming at you at 100mphs you would take your life and save your loves. you know you always have someone to support you when you are going thru tough times. your love will love you always no matter what you look like. you will know when someone special comes into life because you spend a mila-second without thinking of them.

cons: if you are madly in love then you wouldn't have to care about any cons because you love each other no matter what.

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Q: List the pros and cons of being in love?
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