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when you bite someone's thongue while kisiing him or her then it is rude

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Q: Kiss in a rude or playful manner?
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When was Playful Kiss created?

Playful Kiss was created on 2010-09-01.

When did Playful Kiss end?

Playful Kiss ended on 2010-10-21.

What does the word waggish mean?

humorous in a playful, mischievous, or facetious manner

Where i can free download playful kiss Korean drama with English subtitles?


Is it rude to kiss in church?

Yes and no- it depends on the kiss. And on who is kissing. A hot passionate kiss with your girlfriend is not appropriate in church.

What is the real name of the lead actress in playful kiss?

jung so-min

What kind of adverb is rudely?

It is an adverb of manner. It says that an action was performed in a rude or brusque manner.

What is the musical notation for playful manner?

If you are a writer, clearly the best notation is 'playful manner'. There is no need to go back to ancient conventions. If you are looking at scores, there are different notations. Among them are humoresque, capriccio or capriccioso, scherzando, possibly allegro.

What does rude much mean?

when someone says "rude much" it means that that they're to overly rude. its like saying wow, you've just crossed the boundaries with the rudeness

Can you kiss a friend if your married?

no u cant kiss your friend becaus you are married that would be rude to your partner

What does answer in kind mean?

It means to respond or act in a similar manner as someone else. So if a person is rude to you, you would be rude back at them.

What does kiss my anthia mean?

It just means kiss my bottoms but role models say it in a clean manner