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Stop taking Ecstasy. It's a dangerous drug and you never know what is in the pill.

I didnt know what it was the first time i ever took anything like that and it was over 12 hours ago...i don't know if its in my head or if it really is that powerful...i just feel unsleepy...yet my eyes look like i havent slept...and when i lay down i feel nauseiated...

Hi, i recommend that you definitely stop taking ecstasy because it is a horrible drug and can ruin your life. try taking sleeping pills or visiting a doctor. if it is too daunting to visit a doctor and the pills arent working ask someone with experience.


Whatever you do, do NOT take sleeping pills. X is very dangerous when used with other drugs. The drug will stay in your system for a good 18 hours; you're probably crashing now. If you don't use again, you should be able to sleep in about the 20-22 hour after you take it.

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Q: Its been 7 hours since i took an ecstasy pill and i still cant sleep what do i do?
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