It you know tht

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yeah i know that

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Q: It you know tht
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How was Barbados made?

i do not know tht is the answer

How do you get a guy to know tht you like him?

you tell him

How do I know if have hurt someone I am not sure?

if you are interested to know that u have hurt sum1 or not then at first you have to know him or her. how is he or she. you have to know her mental conditions. you have to feel his or her thoughts. if you can do tht then you will surely find tht he or she has got hurt by you or not.

What do I need to know about download tunes?

that you can download them you shud knw tht! you shud knw tht! you shud knw tht! nerd

How do you know tht a girl had a crush on you?

by the way she looks at you

Does the blood do its work on the arteries?

No it does not..i am in the 7th grade and i know tht

Does Patricia polacco have any pets?

none tht i know of

What are the names of the England football team?

who plays for England who the hell put tht tht isn't names of a football player but i know Gerrard does

How do you seriously know so much?

Because were smart like tht

How many people have nick dated?

7 people....i know tht

Will there be a flamethrower in call of duty black ops wii?

Not tht i know of.

Where does the name Bethany originate?

well idon't know tht 1