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No, it is by prescription only. It's new so some insurances don't cover it w/o justification.

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Zantac is available over-the-counter and by prescription. 75mg and 150mg Zantac are available over the counter. 300mg is available with a prescription.

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Q: Is zantac available over the counter?
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Is zantac illegal?

No, it's an over-the-counter medication to reduce symptoms of gastric esophageal reflux.

Is there a nonprescription medication to replace pantoprazole?

I believe it maybe zantac or prilosec over the counter. To be sure, double check with your pharmacist and ask, "what generic equlvenlent over the counter medicine can be used in place of pantoprazole?'

I have indigestion and don't have any medications to take. Is there anything I could take?

You could take an over the counter drug, such as peptobismal or zantac.

Is there anything over the counter that will make you fail a gc-ms drug test for amphetamines?

Yeah. Vick's inhalers will, Dexatrim will, and so will Zantac.

Are Prenatal vitamins prescribed or over the counter?

Prenatal vitamins are available over the counter and by prescription.

Are statins available over the counter?


What is a pill you can take if you feel as though you are going to throw up?

Some over the counter meds for nausea can include Diovol, Pepto Bismol, Alka Seltzer or Zantac.

Is fluocinonide cream available to buy over the counter?


When will Prevacid become available over the counter?

Prevacid is available now over the counter. I do not know the exact date that it was released, but I did find some good information in the related links.

What treatment is available for heartburn?

Well there a lot. Over the counter antacids. Such as tums. Or Better is: something like Zantac which is An H2 Blocker- These medications block histamine-2 receptors which decreases stomach acid production. Also maybe best to try a PPI. Proton Pump inhibitor such as Omeprazole.

Is aprodine available over the counter?

Yes, at

Can you buy cytotec over the counter in northern Ireland?

No, abortion medication is not available over the counter in Ireland or Northern ireland. For abortion you will have to see a doctor.