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Hell To The No You Need To Get That Sh*t Checked Out

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Q: Is your urine supposed to be black?
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Why do people have black urine?

if you have black urine i strongly suggest you seek medical help immediatley... it is not normal to have black urine

What color is fish urine?

fish urine is black a very ight black

What does it mean when a female urine is clear but her period has come on early?

There's no relation to urine and menstruation.A females urine is supposed to be clear, and periods can start early.

Can urine be stored in the fridge before lab testing?

Yes, urine can be stored in the refrigerator before lab testing for up to 24 hours. It should be kept in a sealed container to prevent contamination, and brought to room temperature before testing to ensure accurate results.

How do you locate cat urine?

Black light.

What has the author Cornelius Black written?

Cornelius Black has written: 'The clinical examination of the urine in relation to disease' -- subject(s): Urine, Examination, Analysis

Why black ants are attracted to human urine?

Black ant are attracted to any water source available to survive in the given environment it is in, including human urine.

Is the end of a honey bee supposed to be black?


How do you get into sinho on Pokemon Black?

You're not supposed to.

Is it possible for a white stain on a black skirt to be urine?


Is black mamba fake weed detectable in urine?


Is your gums supposed to be a little black and mostly pink?

no there is no black but just pink