Is your husband a relative

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. You are related to your husband by marriage. He is your spouse.

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Q: Is your husband a relative
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Is your husband considered a relative?

Yes, your husband is considered to be your closest relative.

What should you do if you have feelings for your husband's cousin but your husband is adopted so his cousin is not a blood relative?

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Is your sister-in-law husband considered a relative to you?

Yes. You are the aunt of your sister's children and anyone you marry is their uncle.

How do you apply for an Army transit?

His/her relative, husband or wife need to write and apply to get that

Should you consider your husband's sister's husband your relative?

Your husband's sister is your "sister-in-law". This means you are related to her "by law." Whether you should consider herhusband to be related to you is a matter of opinion, but most people in the western culture do not.

5 examples of contradictory relative contrary and privative terms in logic?

Relative: parent/child, contrary: vegan/carnivore Relative: teacher/student, contrary: awake/asleep Relative: husband/wife, privative: blind/sighted Relative: superior/inferior, contrary: hot/cold Relative: employer/employee, privative: deaf/hearing

What are relative rights?

RELATIVE RIGHTS. Those to which a person is entitled in consequence of his relation with others such as the rights of a husband in relation to his wife; of a father, as to his children; of a master, as to his servant; of a guardian, as to his ward.

What was the only way Athenian women could leave their homes?

If they had their husband with them or a male relative with them.

Is your cousin-in-law's sister's husband related to you?

No. Neither is your cousin-in-law, or her sisters. In-laws are not blood relative (i.e., members of your family or lineage) therefore anyone related to an in-law is not a relative.

Ántonia's husband Anton Jelinek is?

Anton Jelinek is Bohemian. Antonia's husband is actually Anton Cuzak, also a Bohemian and a relative of Anton Jelinek. He moves to Black Hawk after a series of misfortunes to recover himself with his relative Jelinek, and he meets Antonia there and falls in love with her. They were married straight away.

In My Antonia the husband Anton Jelinek is of what descent?

Anton Jelinek is Bohemian, though he is actually a relative of Antonia's husband. Antonia's husband, Anton Cuzak, joins Jelinek in Black Hawk after a string of bad luck where he meets Antonia and decides to settle down, falling in love the moment he meets her. The similarity in their names and histories creates the confusion which mislabels Anton Jelinek as the husband, rather than a relative of Cuzak.

If your husband is forcing you to allow his illegal immigrant relative to live with you against your will can you get in trouble?

yes because you are housing an illegal immigrant