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Yes, spanking without permission is abuse in a bf/gf relationship.

Bear in mind, there is a difference between you telling him not to calmly, versus you giggling a "no" during some kind of sexual play.

Sit him down and explain this to him. Leave him if he persists.

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Q: Is your boyfriend spanking without your permission abuse?
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How do you make a child listen to you without abusing them?

Spanking is abuse. If you have to use a belt. Its not abusive its just a way to get your childrens attention.

What are the titles of some parenting videos about the pros and cons of spanking?

Online there are the videos called "Pros and Cons of Spanking Your Child", "Spanking Your Kids: Discipline or Abuse", and "Spanking And Child Discipline-The Pros And Cons".

Your boyfriend spanks you without your permission is that abuse?

now....that a nice one.......... there can be the following cases: 1. he was just joking!!-ignore him 2. though he was joking he still was upto something-try to find out the reason behind it 3. he was serious-yes now that is a sort of ABUSE!!!

Can a sixteen year old move out of parents legally without parents permission in Michigan?

No, only someone "of age" (18 years) can live without parental permission, If they do the parents can be charged with abuse.

What is the Florida law on spanking children?

Florida restricts all spanking as child abuse. Florida law states that any act that can physically or mentally hurt a child is considered child abuse and you can be charged with a felony for it.

In the state of Florida can a 17-year-old legally move out of her mother's home when the mother has sole custody without permission if there is abuse in the home by the mother's boyfriend?

Legally no but I would advise you to report any abuse. In some cases you can petition the court for what is called emancipation of minor. Essentially you become an adult.

Is it okay for the babysitter to be allowed to watch the children get a spanking?

If they are the ones doing the spanking (from permission of a parent) it is fine otherwise you probably don't want to watch the child being spanked First and foremost spanking is child abuse, There is no rationale for a child to be disciplined this way. Sitters should never, ever spank a child under any circumstances, It is child abuse.

How do you touch the Virginia of sleeping girl with out her permission?

You don't touch her without permission. It is sexual abuse and a crime. So, keep your hands to yourself unless you want to get into trouble.

That kids are allowed to be hit?

if it is diciplenary by the child's parents yes(like spanking), but if it is parental abuse or abuse from any other person it is considered child abuse

What can be done to my child's mothers boyfriend for spanking or hitting your child with the mothers permission?

Try to stay calm and let the mother of your child know ( that is if your on good terms) to not let the boyfriend physically discipline your child. Express how spanking is not a healthy way of discipline in the first place. Elaborate on the effects of such behavior such as rebellion from the child, resentment toward the mother from the child for letting her boyfriend carry out these unsolicited and inappropriate acts of unofficial stepfather aggression. Whatever it is he may have a issue with that would dry him to think he needs to do that needs to be handled by the real father, but no spanking. There are alot of repercussions for child abuse minor or major. This subject should be raised to the boyfriend and leave it up to his imagination to come up with what they are whether it comes from the law or the real daddy-there are consequences. ( Maybe real daddy should evaluate why he's not there to take care his own child )

How can you teach your dog a lesson with out being abusive?

u slightly spank him/her one time and then if they do it again u just keep on spanking your dog until he/she learns his lesson without abuse

Can a 17 year old girl get emancipated in kansas without her mother's permission if there is mental abuse and slight physical abuse?

No a petition can be filed on the behalf of the individual since she's a minor.