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So I asked this question and have more details that I'd really love advice on...
Last night I sent my boyfriend an email about how pissed off I was about something completely unrelated we were arguing about... but it was way too dramatic and over the top and as soon as I hit send I was like bad idea. And I started to flip out... and I knew the password to his facebook (which he told me he changed and i donno if he did or not 'cause i would NEVER log in without him knowing!) so I decied to do something really really really really really really bad and see if it was the same thing for his gmail acount... I should NOT have done that, but I really wanted to just get the email back and delete it (which I did)... And I feel horrible that I did and could have just kept it to myself, but couldn't lie to him about it, so I told him.... but... here's the thing... I accidently clicked on sent mail by accident 'cause my mouse on my laptop is slightly broken and sometimes just scrolling over a link it likes to click it. So it opens sent mail and i see some subject lines that look ummm sketchy.... There were things like "cock" and "cock for you." In these emails were pictures of him that were being sent to girls. So when telling him I was horrible and went into his email I also told him what I saw. He started giving me this whole thing about how he was kind of fishing for compliments from people because he has really bad self-confidence (which you would never know unless he told you!) He also told me that it happened when we were fighting. He said something like "you were mad and didn't want to see it, but someone else did." I was outraged by all of this, still am... We got into a huge fight and by the end at least he felt awful and was crying. And now I don't know what to do... What I did that ended up with me finding out was horrible. But the way I see it, what he did was even worse. He said he's stopped. The last time was about a month ago. However, it was about a week before I went up to visit him (we go to school together and are home for the summer)... which was a week before I lost my virginity to him... I feel like I don't trust him as much anymore... but maybe I'm over reacting. Maybe I'm just blowing this whole thing out of proportion... Is it really that big a deal that he exchanged pictures with girls? I mean, at least he said it was a confidence thing, it wasn't just him being a pig... I am so opposed to cheating. For me, if a guy cheats, it's over. But is this cheating? Is this really as bad as I feel like it is right now, or is it all just too knew for me to not be too emotional?
Thanks for any input! I really appreciate it!

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Q: Is your boyfriend exchanging pictures with girls online considered cheating?
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