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Q: Is when all areas of your life work together to make you happy healthy and confident?
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What does feeling self confident mean?

self confident means that you are happy with your body, your personalitiy, and just plain out you! People can tell if your self confident so really just be happy with who you really are!

How do you act in acting auditions?

confident happy

What is a word that means happy and healthy?

Healthappy (healthy and happy)

When was A Happy Healthy You created?

A Happy Healthy You was created in 2010.

What does CHAT stand for?

Confident Happy Adolescents Talking.

What is the meaning for jaunty?

It means to show that you are happy and confident...

Is being healthy the same as being happy?

no not the same but being healthy is being happy

What means in height spirits?

"In high spirits" means happy and confident.

What kind of woman does man like?

A average man likes a woman that is...Healthy, Happy, Self-confident , one that isnt easy, Positive, one who isnt afraid to be herself, ect. in my advice I suggest that you smile alot!

When do you say that a person is physical?

*is healthy & strong *does not get tired easily *has flexible body *move quickly & is alert *works efficiently *has emotional, social, spiritual & mental stability *is confident *leads a happy relationship with other people

What are the release dates for Healthy and Happy - 1919?

Healthy and Happy - 1919 was released on: USA: 2 June 1919

What does Charlotte want in Charlotte's Web?

Trying to be funny and pretending she is happy and confident.