Is wearing a thong weird

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is wearing a thong weird
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How do you tell if a girl Where is a thong?

If they have a thong shape in their trousers then you know if they are wearing a thong. or if their wearing really tight shorts or pants and their butt has no lines on the side then she is wearing a thong

Does Leslie Mann wear a thong?

Yes she does in This is 40 she was caught wearing a thong and at the beach she was seen wearing a pink thong

What should you do if you're a 15 year old male and wear thong underwear?

You really don't have to do anything! Wearing a thong isn't a bad thing, unusual maybe, but not bad. Some guys like boxers, some like briefs, and some like thongs! I prefer bikini briefs because it makes by package look bigger, and a thong does that even better. Some girls might think it is weird if you wear a thong, but that does not make you gay or weird, it just means you like the feeling!

How can you tell if a girl is wearing a thong?

its pretty easy to tell. if you're wearing a thong, there is exta jiggle to your butt. some girls walk differently also.

Can you tell if some one is wear a thong with jeans or sweatpants and can u see a thong though those pants?

It is unlikely that you can tell if someone is wearing a thong under gray sweatpants, or that you can see the thong through those pants. If the sweatpants were very fitted, it is possible that you could see a trace of the thong through the pants.

Is it weird for a guy to try on a thong in a store?

what?of course it would.

What is a good age to start wearing a thong?

about 16

Where can one see the thong of the day?

You can see the thong of the day at the website Thong of the Day. Everyday they post a new picture of someone wearing a thong and you can see pictures of previous days.

Can you get pregnant if you are wearing a thong and your partner is wearing two pairs of pants?

yes if he take them off

What is a thrang?

a collective noun, a group of thong wearing women

Can the straps show when wearing a thong?

Can they? Yes. Do they? Often. Should they? NO!

What does it mean if a woman is wearing a pink thong?

Not a darn thing