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Q: Is wanting to smell someones feet normal?
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Is it wrong to smell my sister's feet?

Yes and no. It's usually more normal to smell your girlfriends (if ur a guy) feet or friends but I can't tell you how often I wish I had a sister so I cud smell her feet

Why do your feet smell like fortune cookies?

because you are completly normal

Is it normal to smell feet?

A:No it is not normal to smell feet! In fact it is completely the opposite.A:That depends upon what you mean by 'smelling feet'. It is normal for feet to produce an odor when trapped in a confined space such as a boot; it is not normal (though not abnormal, either) to sniff one's feet on purpose.Sniffing another person's feet for sexual pleasure also isn't common in the population at large, but it is one of the most common of what are known as sexual fetishes.

Does everyones feet smell different?

yes everyone's feet smell different.

What is it called when you get under someones feet hinder?

to impede

How can my feet smell if they don't have a nose?

because your feet sweat and the sweat sits there and releases a gas to make the smell. Thank you for using

Do bigger feet always smell more than smaller feet?

The size of the feet is not the reason they smell worse or better. It is usually hygiene or health that causes feet to smell bad ,,,, not their size.

Do dorito's smell like dogs feet?

no because usually dogs feet doesn't smell!!!!!

Is it dangerous if you tickle someones feet?

only if they have explosive diarrhea

Why doe men like to smell womens feet?

Because to some men, feet are as beautiful as the woman's face, breasts etc. Not all men like to smell feet and those that do like to smell feet, do like all feet.

Girls would you make someone smell your feet if yes why?

ya i wanna know if my feet smell.

Why are my brother's feet smelly?

yes, they smell, they smell bad