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I have just had 2 vocal cord polyps removed from my throat. I felt nothing at all throughout the operation as I was under a general anaesthetic. When I woke up I had a very sore throat which lasted for a week, but it was bearable and I could still eat. It is now almost one week since the operation and the sore throat is almost gone. My voice is still absent, however, but that should return in another week or so.

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Q: Is vocal cord polyp removal painful?
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What happened to Adele that she is undergoeing surgery?

In an effort to repair her strained voice, Adele underwent microsurgery for a benign polyp on her vocal cords in Boston and doctors said her prognosis is good. "Adele underwent vocal cord microsurgery by Dr. Steven Zeitels to stop recurrent vocal cord hemorrhage (bleeding) from a benign polyp.

What is the recovery time for removal of a polyp from your vocal cord?

i had it done today so I don't know how long it will be but I was told absolutely no talking/sounds for a week and try not to cough even... after this initial week I can ease into speaking but don't be abusive or excessive

You are diagnosed with vocal polyp on your right vocal cord Is surgery the only option?

Unfortunately - yes. Many professional singers suffer from vocal polyps, and need to have a relatively minor operation to remove them. It's a pretty straight-forward procedure, and the patient can usually be discharged after 48 hours.

How long after removing a vocal cord polyp will your voice return to normal?

The recovery time for a removal of throat polyps will vary based on each patient. At least one week of vocal rest is required. Quiet talking will continue for between two and six weeks, and full recovery should be achieved by eight weeks.

How did Adele get the vocal cord condition?

This condition is typically the result of unstable blood vessels in the vocal cord that can rupture.

Will surgery cure vocal cord dysfunction?

A surgery might cure a vocal cord dysfunction, but there is no guarantee at any time with a surgery. Some vocal cord dysfunction could be helped with exercise or rest.

What is a vocal cord?

A vocal cord produces your voice. its located inside the larynx, which is in the throat area near the Adams apple.

Is vocal cord dysfunction contagious?


What is congestion of vocal cord?

Congestion of a vocal cord typically means that you have excess mucus buildup in your vocal cords. To fix this, simply gargle a bit of mouthwash and use lozenges.

What is the cartilage vocal cord attachment?

arytenoid cartilages by vocal ligaments

How can vocal cord nodules and polyps be prevented?

Vocal cord nodules and polyps are noncancerous growths on the vocal cords that affect the voice.

Contains the vocal cord?