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I read in some showbiz site and vivian dsana's fan page on fb, that his opened his relationship with his co-actress Vabhiz(panchi)...

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Q: Is vivian dsena and vihbbiz is in relationship with each other in real life?
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Is vivian dsena and sukirti kandpal is in relationship with each other in real life?

sukirti kandpal and vivian dsena are not dating..instead vivian dsena is dating vahabbiz dorabjee who plays the role of panchi in pyaar kii ye ek kahaani while sukirti is dating a guy from rajasthan who is not related to television by any means...

Do vivian dsena and sukriti love each other?

Yes, from what I know.

Why Sukriti Khandpal and Vivian Dsena hate each other?

because they are vain

Is vivian dsena n sukriti khandpal in relations with each other in real life?

they are made for each other.............the jodis like them are very rare..... such a perfection is not always possible.............they could be happy with each other............but it is their personal............the thing which always appears on the screen does not always happen in real would be very glad if they both think over on this............

Are actors Vivian Dsena and Varun Kapoor the same person?

No, they are not. They might look the same but have you noticed that Vivian has a more well built body and a different voice than Varun. OMG, at first I thought that they might be siblings. They resemble each other so strikingly and both of them are too cute. Vivian is recently acting in Madhubala-ek ishq ek junoon as superstar RK in colors. But Varun is portraying as the hot guy Kabir in humse hain life in channel V.

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Are vivian d'sena sukirti khandpal dating each other?


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