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Q: Is urination during precum dangerous
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Does precum come out during sex?

Yes, precum may come out during intercourse. Precum acts as a natural lubricant during intercourse. Though you don't have to be engaging in intercourse to eject precum. If a guy becomes aroused he may emit precum.

Is frequent urination dangerous?

it can be.

What receptors are stimulated during urination?

Nerve receptors are stimulated during urination. This stimulation occurs when the walls of the bladder contract and the urination reflex is automatically activated.

Symptoms of uti in men?

Burning sensation during urination, frequent urination, blood in urine.

Can chlamydia cause painful urination in females?

Yes; pain during urination is a symptom of chlamydia.

Is it dangerous if you have blood in your urine and it is painful when you pass urine?

Blood in your urine is not dangerous per se but requires evaluation, especially when accompanied with pain during urination. This could be something as common as a Urinary Tract Infection or as painful as a Kidney Stone.

I was fingering a girl. Stuck my fingers on my penis. Didn't ejaculate. Not sure if there was precum. Could I have gotten her pregnant from the precum on my fingers If there was indeed precum...?

Chances of pregnancy are essentially zero, if all you had on your fingers was a little precum. Precum itself contains no sperm. Sometimes, if the urethra has left-over sperm in it from a prior ejaculation, then precum can contain some sperm cells. But it would be difficult (but not impossible) to cause a pregnancy with this.

Is it normal for a man not to precum at all?

Yes. This is completely normal, too. Hi, Men always have precum. When a man releases precum he doesn't know hes releasing it as it has no colour or odor and is very difficult to see. Basically precum is released when a man becomes sexually aroused and prior to ejaculation. Precum does contain sperm.

Why do I feel so sensitive during urination?

Sensitivity during urination is often a sign of an urinary tract infection. The standard treatment for a urinary tract infection is antibiotics.

Is it normal to precome during passionate kissing but still being flaccid?

I'd say yes. It's not really a precum but the lubricant that helps the semen slide without friction during ejaculation. Some people call it precum but it contains no semen at all... only lube. =)

What is the medical term meaning exessive urination during the night?

Nocturia is the medical term meaning excessive urination at night.

Can you still get pregnant if the guy does not ejaculate during sex?

Precum gets you pregnant just the same. So yes.

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